Come join us at That’s Mandarin for a summer to remember! Here in Shanghai we’re warming up for our annual Chinese Summer Camp, rounding up the troops, confirming plans and getting all the preparations in order for some real fun in the sun! Our Summer Camp in Shanghai is a winning formula that combines learning with a great time; offering a forward start with Chinese language learning, an invaluable skill that may not mean much to you now but will be so inspiring that you’ll have set yourself up for a promising future without even realizing it!

  • Summer Camp 2013!
    2013 marked a fantastic summer of Chinese language & cultural learning for our Kids & Teens. We have put together a quick video of clips and camp highlights to give you some insight of camp life with us.
  • Camp Highlights!
    Watch our private camp program students as they uncover China! This video showcases a bundle of student feedback mixed with the activities & excursions offered at our Chinese camp outside of the classroom.
  • Camp TV Stars!
    Our 2013 Summer Camp made it onto Shanghai’s premier international TV channel – ICS!! Watch the folks at Cosmo Times as they try out camps from around the world, including our Chinese Summer Camp!
  • On the News!
    A second appearance on ICS Shanghai for our 2013 summer camp but this time we’re making headlines! This news report includes our camp as it discusses the rise in foreigners choosing China as their camp destination.
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Anne Cavanaugh

My kids loved this camp! We came from the US to give them some practical experience speaking Mandarin. In the States, they study it but rarely have...

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